Men Think They Don’t Have To Try Anymore, Or Do They?

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Come on guys get the act together

Right lets just get to the point, men are you trying or not?

I hear a lot of women talking about how they’re men don’t get them anymore, how they don’t try and are failing to live up to the person they were at the start. This is a subject which i think won’t go away over night. Been fair to women I know they want the fairy tale, but the fairy tale is hard to live up to. But i do know one thing give and take is the key.

I do have a lot of come and go with men that do think the world was just made for them, they have this idea in their head that a woman is there to do the washing up, clean and for sexual needs, wake up guys its 2012. Women do not want to be treated this way, no let me put this a different way, women shouldn’t be treated that way.

But on the other hand we have a lot of men out there that try their best, they work really hard to make ends meal to make life easier for their partner, so not all men are doing the crime. I think it has a lot to do with the up bringing, do these guys see dad being disrespectful from a young age, was mum in the kitchen all day, maybe!

Now ladies your not getting of so easy, u can’t say you give a man a easy life, they do have to listen to a lot sometimes, women always have something going on, you can’t help it, this is what being a woman is about. But try to give the guys a break sometimes, no need to go mad at little things, people do make mistakes, there is no such thing as a prefect man.

So to round things up, yes i think men do have faults and maybe don’t see the bigger picture, but to make it fair you girls do have to understand you do make the game plan hard. I think if you guys learn to be a bit more respectful and just listen when it matters and truly mean it you might not have as many problems.

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A bit of give and take


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