Find Love And Make The Most Of Everyday

How do you feel when you find love, is there a sound that goes off in the background with big bright  lights flashing everywhere, do you get them butterflies that everyone talks about or do you feel nothing because its just a word.

Well I don’t think its just word, because I believe in it. When I met my partner I just knew, the way she made me feel, the way she spoke to me, the way she held my hand and her priceless kiss, I don’t think I could dream about such a prefect woman. She makes me feel important everyday and tells me she loves me everyday and I make sure i do the same because you never know whats around the corner.

I couldn’t imagine being without her, every special moment in my life she being there and shared it with me. She the first thing I think about in the morning and the last at night. She my soul mate, my love, my best friend and just my everything and I wouldn’t be the man I am the day without her.

So my point is, If you find love and that person makes you feel like your in heaven everyday and can change your life for the better, you make sure you hold on to them, you make sure you tell them you love them everyday. MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYDAY WITH THEM! 

You never know what the future has in store, if you did I’m sure your banks would be full with that cash you won from the lottery. The reason i wrote about myself is to show people that you can find love like me, it is out there for every man and woman. Do not forget this!



Feed Back Makes A Story

So I got a comment from a lady telling me how her fella can be a dickhead but got the same kinda comment from a man saying the same bout his wife.

When i read the women’s comment i couldn’t believe how her man acts, how controlling he is, telling her how to dress, how to talk to her friends and even what friends to talk to. What is his problem? What makes him think he can go on this way. As the story goes on, it seems this guy takes it to the bedroom, Everything seems to be about him, all take and no give.

When I got to the part about the 100 phone calls a day the bulb above my head went on, this guy is metal! And my question for this lady is, why are you putting up with this, you have your whole life ahead of you, and could do so much better, just because this man has issues doesn’t mean he has to be your issue.

And I forgot about him trying to go with your friend! If I had him beside me now I wouldn’t be doing any talking to him, trust me. Just another dead beat looking to hang on to some good girl so he can ruin her.

Now for the comment from the guy with the wife, what you told me in your mini letter is what married life is all about, this woman is no different from any other woman. One thing I would touch on is the jealously, this relationship will not work if there is any of the green eyed monster. I think what you need to do is sit down and talk to your wife and let her know how important she really is to you.

Remember the key is to talk. Just because you have a fight doesn’t mean its all over, everyone has fights, count to ten if you have to, you didn’t get married for nothing. Love is the hardest game and the reason I call it the game is because someone always wants to win, people can’t be happy with being equal, in a relationship one always feels someone has to be in control.

But I feel its time for everyone to look at themselves and say are they being fair, can they do more and do they feel maybe they should change. And If so let that change happen today.

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What Do Women Want?

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Mmm…. What do i want?

So girls tell us what do you want? I think all the guys out there want to know, so I think you should start to sharing with them.

Do you want that man with the big car,that has the big job and wants for nothing. Or does the hard working man that has a low paid job and at times finds it hard, does he even have a chance anymore?

Women are more driven and have wishes they want to fulfill, they have felt second best for a long time but no more, the days of not being in control is far behind them, and I have to say they have earn it, so to start with I think they just want respect, which I think is very little to ask for.

Men will have to step up to the mark if they want to get their woman, down at the pub every night is not going to cut it, women want a man that actually want to be there with them, they don’t want some man making excuses just to get out of quality time with her.

I think they want a provider, a man that can take the responsibly for himself and for her, someone that doesn’t need to be pointed in the right direction every five minutes. Now girls i will say one thing, this whole thing about men having to buy gifts all the time, now I’m not saying this is every women but you do play the game, there are ladies out there that make a mug of men, they give the impression if he doesn’t buy he could be on his way out. This is wrong and shouldn’t be done!

I’m sure the only way to find out is for women everywhere to stand up and tell their men what they want, if they be clear about it then there be no misunderstanding, men will know where they stand, and then they’ll have no more excuses to give, so I’m going to end with some lasting advice men, so listen up, MEN ARE NOTHING WITHOUT WOMEN. You do not process right without them, in a funny way they do make you whole.


So Why Do People Cheat?

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Look who got caught!

Why do people cheat, what makes them do it and what goes through their mind.

So where do you start on this one, I’m sure this will bring memories back for a few people that’s being cheated on and have ended up heartbroken. But we have to get down to the real question, WHY?

You can’t say you love someone that your willing to cheat on, I hear a lot of stories about people saying they were out for a night and they got talking to someone and one thing led to another, this is bullshit! Why do cheaters use this story, you at least could put some thought into your story.

Drink is no excuse! This one does not fool me, so people get that drunk these days they think its ok to start swapping partners on a night out, I think some people may give up drink for life if that’s the case. Has it come to the point that people aren’t happy even if they do have a partner and maybe a good one at that.

I always have another side everyone, what if the people out cheating don’t get the attention they should get at home. What if you have a wife at home looking affection form her husband, but all he wants to do is watch TV. Not even a hug or a kiss, people do need to feel needed, fact!

If your married or in a long relationship you have to understand that there are needs in both parties to make things work, And ladies I’m going to come out and say this, why do you feel you have to stop having sex with your partner just because you’ve had kids, makes no sense! Could this be a reason why men in this position do cheat.

Well I’m going to come out and say it, I do not agree in anyway or with any excuse when it comes to cheating, if you feel its come to the stage where you need another person to show you love then you need to take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that maybe its time to move on as your not being fair to your partner. I know that’s a very forward view but i think love is a wonderful thing when shared with a true and honest person, why should someone share their love with you while your out doing the dirt.

Men Think They Don’t Have To Try Anymore, Or Do They?

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Come on guys get the act together

Right lets just get to the point, men are you trying or not?

I hear a lot of women talking about how they’re men don’t get them anymore, how they don’t try and are failing to live up to the person they were at the start. This is a subject which i think won’t go away over night. Been fair to women I know they want the fairy tale, but the fairy tale is hard to live up to. But i do know one thing give and take is the key.

I do have a lot of come and go with men that do think the world was just made for them, they have this idea in their head that a woman is there to do the washing up, clean and for sexual needs, wake up guys its 2012. Women do not want to be treated this way, no let me put this a different way, women shouldn’t be treated that way.

But on the other hand we have a lot of men out there that try their best, they work really hard to make ends meal to make life easier for their partner, so not all men are doing the crime. I think it has a lot to do with the up bringing, do these guys see dad being disrespectful from a young age, was mum in the kitchen all day, maybe!

Now ladies your not getting of so easy, u can’t say you give a man a easy life, they do have to listen to a lot sometimes, women always have something going on, you can’t help it, this is what being a woman is about. But try to give the guys a break sometimes, no need to go mad at little things, people do make mistakes, there is no such thing as a prefect man.

So to round things up, yes i think men do have faults and maybe don’t see the bigger picture, but to make it fair you girls do have to understand you do make the game plan hard. I think if you guys learn to be a bit more respectful and just listen when it matters and truly mean it you might not have as many problems.

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A bit of give and take

What Do You Think Of Online Dating?

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Press to find love

Can you see yourself doing online dating, do you feel comfortable putting in your details about yourself, how would you react if you found the one online but you were scare to meet them.

All these things go through your head over and over but it is safe as long as you do it safe. People always say “I wouldn’t be caught dead on a dating site” but at the same time a lot of people have found love and have ended up marrying each other so really could it be that bad.

I think people are worried when they’re asked the question “where did you meet?” Mmmm…….. how do you answer that one, well I’ll tell you, tell the truth. There is no shame on finding love, there’s being people searching for it their whole life. Who is someone to judge you when all your trying to do is be happy.

Well then again Northern Ireland can be judgmental place, we like to talk not just about our self but others as well. I think as a country we need to relax more and go with the flow and not be worried about how we find love but just glad we can love.

We at are telling the single people of Northern Ireland to give themselves a chance, its not wrong to give online dating a try, its not wrong to find love and its not wrong to be happy. You have six counties to pick from in Northern Ireland, its full of loving people who want the same as you LOVE!

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Give online dating a try today

The First Date

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First date and your nervous and need tips

The First Date is what I call nerve wrecking, what do I wear, what will I say and where will I go.

Now for the man its always the hardest, I’m sorry to say boys but you need to get your thinking caps on. Usually the women do expect the man to have the night all plan. Do not mess this up, this is key! Now for the big question, flowers or no flowers? I think women are not won over so easily anymore. So don’t be thinking u’ll be getting brownie points right away!

When you get there remember BE YOURSELF! Don’t put on some fake acted, you will be found out, women are not dumb, they are the smartest people on this planet, believe me. Remark on how good she looks, now this doesn’t mean you look at her boobs for ten minutes, this will sum u right up and have her thinking you just want one thing.

Now ladies I haven’t forgot about you, when the man arrives with his white pale face looking like he’s going to be sick, don’t worry this is for one reason and one reason only, he actually had to think for a change, this man has been going mad in the head all day hoping he doesn’t make a ass of himself, hoping he’s picked the right thing to wear and the right place to go, so go easy on him he’s only human.

Places to eat is always the killer, what does both of you like to eat. It really depends what kind of people you both are. Are you into big restaurants with the big fancy plate with hardly any food on it to fill it, or maybe both of you could call down to the local sit-in chippy, would that do the trick. I think the only thing you can do is try your best and put the thought into it as the thought does count.

Now did you get past the meal, I hope so, If you didn’t you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and work out what went wrong and how you fix it. Do not put the head down, some people just don’t have that spark and don’t have that attraction to each other. 

If you have got past the meal and haven’t killed each other then maybe your on to something. Now some people go for a drink afterwards at a bar or maybe a club, if this does happen try not to get drunk, bad judgement has being made in the past in these positions. 

So the night has come to the end, now boys we all know women like to be interdependent but make sure you get her home, if you have to get her a taxi so be it, maybe she’ll want you to walk her home if she lives close. Now this doesn’t mean you have to find the first condom machine boys, not everything is about sex.

If you end the night without a kiss doesn’t mean you’ve failed. People do take things slow, being too forward can say a lot about someone. If you jump in for that kiss that someone wasn’t expecting it can have that ending affect. But if everything has went well and you both like each other there’s nothing wrong with a peck on the cheek or if your lucky a kiss on the lips at the end of the night.


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Dating Can Be Hard


Has dating got that hard that people don’t even want to date anymore? Single people of Northern Ireland seem to be more backward to the dating game. Is it trust issues?

Well I’m here to put my spin on things. People don’t seem to want to give that chance or take that risk, there are people out there just perfect for each other, you could be walking past them everyday. But maybe they’re not in your town or city, There are six countries in Northern Ireland, why not explore it.

I know when you meet someone you feel you have to hold back not to give too much away, but being yourself can make it easier, it means both parties know how they feel and can make that decision about each other. But on the other hand its easier said than done!

You also have to decide if you’re looking for your soul-mate or just some company. A lot of people get mixed up with feelings they’re having, One minute you’ve found the person of your dreams and next you’re having second thought’s, this is where it gets tricky. Always think hard about this, you could be letting a good man or woman go.

In this country you have shy people, bubbly people and out going people. What partner do you feel would match you better? And that’s the question! You’ll not know until you give people the chance.

At we believe on our website we have every type of person, we know finding love can be hard, but it doesn’t just turn up on your door step, well not unless the milkman or the postwomen has caught your eye.

You can search all the counties on our site,Tyrone, L’Derry, Antrim, Fermanagh, Down and Armagh. is jam packed with people from these places. The website is FREE TO JOIN and takes just a few minutes to sign up.

So ask yourself, do you want love? Are you willing to give someone a chance? If your single and you’ve said yes to both these question, don’t hold back and sign up today. And you never know you could be having your own happy ever after story.

So from all of us at we wish you happy hunting for love and don’t forget NEVER STOP LOVING.